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Kern County Roads Department moving forward with park projects walking path  

 The Kern County Roads Department is working closely with the Kernville Riverside Park Project to install a new walk path throughout the park utilizing a walkable communities grant.  Members of the park project steering committee are working closely with the Roads Department to ensure the new walkway will fit seamlessly into the park project plan.  Both parties are very excited to work together.  This is a major step forward for the park project. 


$42,000.00 Grant Recieved from Forest Service

The USFS awarded the project this grant thru the RAC program. 



$50,000.00 Private Grant Recieved From Southern California Edison


Southern California Edison presened the Kern Valley River Council www.kvrc.org 
with a $50,000 check for the Kernville Riverside Park Restoration Project.  Along with the acceptance ceremony & celebration, 
there was information about the project & demonstrations such as fly fishing, 



Kern River Streambed and Park Restoration


Current condition                                                 With your help


Riverside Park in Kernville is one of the most visited parks in Kern County, drawing tens of thousands of visitors each year.  The focal point of this park is a section of the Kern River that was enhanced in the early 1970’s in a collaborative effort between local citizens and the Army Corps of Engineers.  This project created ideal fish habitat, calm pools for wading and swimming, waves and fast currents for rafters, tubers and kayakers; in essence, created the basis for what is now a thriving tourism industry in this small mountain community.  


Years of flooding and overuse have severely degraded this community resource to the point where sections of the park have been closed to the public.  Concerned citizens, both local and frequent visitors, have gathered under the guidance of the Kern Valley River Council, a local non-profit, to take steps to repair, enhance and preserve this park for current and future generations.


This project carries a great deal of significance to the Kern River Valley; anticipated benefits include improved riparian and in-stream habitat, enhanced recreational opportunities, safe and attractive riverside access, streambed stabilization and a boost to the local economy through increased tourism.  Additionally, since this park is also a resource used by residents of the valley, this project would greatly increase the quality of life for many in the community.  


Click here to Download the Concept Report





Here is a conceptual drawing of the future park:


conceptual drawing of river park


These enhancements will include both in-stream and bank modifications with the following criteria:


In stream modifications will

1.     Increase whitewater recreational opportunities by creating “play” features designed for a variety of users and a variety of water levels.

2.     Increase fishing opportunities by improving access and enhancing fish habitat.

3.     Improve river safety by reducing in-stream hazards and creating recovery pool areas.

4.     Reduce problems associated with flooding.



Bank modifications will

1.     Enhance entrance and exits points for the river at the top and bottom of the park.

2.     Improve fishing access along the bank including handicapped access.

3.     Create safe and accessible areas near the river for non-sport park users to enjoy.

4.     Stabilize the river banks to reduce damage associated with flooding.

5.     Enhance native vegetation and remove noxious plants and weeds.

6.     Maintain a natural appearance while improving the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the park.


Both in-stream and bank modifications will comply with all Local, State and Federal Laws and be constructed in a quality manner so as to create an enduring legacy for years to come.


In addition to the recreational, environmental and aesthetic benefits of this project, it is anticipated that there will be a substantial economic benefit to the community; similar parks in other small towns have had very positive economic impacts that are in the millions of dollars per-year range.









High return on investment

In-kind and community involvement



Large number of people reached





Kern, Tulare, Sequoia NF users






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